With events cancelled, face-to-face interactions on hold, and a swift shift to working from home, e-learning and online socialising – there’s never been a more important time to turn your attention to digital content. 


COVID-19 is shaking up business and consumer behaviour on a massive scale. But while the full impact of the pandemic is unclear, there’s one thing you can bank on — that digital content consumption is at a high.

In short, the people you want to be doing business with (immediately or in the future, depending on the nature of your business) are online now. Like, right now. 

And they’re waiting to hear from you. 

Your business may (or may not) have been hit hard by other negative impacts of the coronavirus, but now’s not the time to go silent. How you communicate during the next few weeks and months will define your brand for years to come. 

Whatever your business size, sector or current situation – here’s why focusing on digital content during the crisis can leverage your chances of success beyond the pandemic.  


It allows you to stay in touch 

You may not have the face-to-face interactions you once had, but your digital communications should remain undisrupted. 

Providing you have a clear and consistent content plan, digital is an effective way for you to keep in touch with your customers. It lets you stay on people’s radar and reassures your customers that you want to do business (either immediately or at a later date). 

Depending on the nature of your business, it can even help you increase lead generation and conversions during the pandemic, too. 


It strengthens your brand’s reputation

Careful storytelling during a crisis reminds customers of your brand’s mission, vision and values. It also lets you shout about how you’re adapting to change, gives you the chance to offer reassurance, and can prevent (or minimise) any panic. 

Showing this type of resilience (through adapting your message), reliability (communicating with your audience) and empathy (acknowledging that it’s not easy) will ultimately boost your company’s reputation. And that’s always a positive. 

It lets you adapt to new customer behaviours 

Whether your customers are interacting with you as usual, or your business has been turned upside down, a digital content plan can help you adapt to the changing demands of your audience. 

It goes without saying that behaviours have changed during this pandemic. But being aware of – and adapting to – these changes, will allow you to enhance your brand content to meet your customers’ evolving needs. 

Whether it’s giving advice, offering an industry perspective or creating interactive opportunities, the scope to reach, engage with, and convert even more loyal customers right now is endless. As an added bonus, they’ll be ready and waiting for you once the crisis is over, too. 

Ultimately, how you communicate – or fail to communicate – with your customers now will have an impact on your business beyond the pandemic. If you’ve fallen off the radar, or you’re worried that your content isn’t resonating with your audience, then drop me a line here to see how I can help.